Wednesday , 29 November 2023
Casual Tiered DIY Chain Collar

Casual Tiered DIY Chain Collar  

This accessory will
look perfect with t-shirts or casual dresses. You will need about 7-8 feet of
curb chain, three colors of embroidery floss, pliers, two large crimp cord
ends, two jump rings, large lobster clasp, needle and sharp scissors. At the
beginning lay out your chains. Tie the two outer chains together. Thread your
needle and slowly begin weaving the chains together. Firmly knot after about
eight inches and snip the end. Weave the end through to the back. Tie on your
second color. Begin weaving the two colors together. Finish off with a knot.
Tie on your third color. Repeat the steps from before and finish off. Slide
your finished necklace into the clamp. Read the rest of the tutorial

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