Tuesday , 5 December 2023
Off The Shoulder T-Shirt

Off The Shoulder T-Shirt  

What a cool tee to
put on proper now! You’ll want a T-shirt, scissors, elastic band, chalk,
pins, matching thread & needle, a security pin. Hint a line from the
middle of the neckline to about 1¨ above the highest of the seam of every shoulder.
Lower alongside the road. Use the entrance as a tough guideline to chop the
again as effectively. Flip your shirt flawed facet out and pin a 1¨ hem
throughout. Hand or machine sew throughout leaving a gap. Connect the free
finish of the elastic. Insert it within the hole you left open and thread it
throughout. Strive on the highest to measure roughly the size of elastic
you’ll want. Proceed studying the directions right

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