Sunday , 3 March 2024
Envelope Wrap Skirt Ideas

Envelope Wrap Skirt Ideas

This idea is for
these women who love authentic garments! Let’s create this skirt. For this
mission you’ll want about 2 yards of heavy cloth, 10 – 11¨ open finish
zipper, scissors, stitching pins, stitching thread, stitching machine,
metallic snap and cloth marking pen. First minimize a size of cloth, about
65¨ lengthy and fold the highest lengthwise edge about 1 1/2¨ down. Don’t
overlook to pin in place. Then sew this pinned edge. Make the identical for
the widthwise edge. And pin and stitch this edge too. Now wrap the skirt onto
your physique and make a slight V form within the heart. You could find right
here subsequent steps of the instruction.

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