Double Wave Friendship

Double Wave Friendship   Bracelet

This double wave
friendship bracelet sample is made up of yellow wax twine and black wax
twine, it’s not troublesome however you want endurance and a few provides:
yellow wax twine, black wax twine, iron scissors and a lighter. Take a 100cm
yellow wax twine and a 100cm black wax twine, put them collectively and take
one other 100cm yellow twine, put it below the 2 wax cords the place is 30cm
away from the highest finish of the 2 cords. Then fold the higher wax cords
down, the 30cm cords would be the axis, and it’s determined by your wrist
circumference. Tie a half sq. knot with sideward yellow cords and tighten.
Learn the entire tutorial right here.

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