Wednesday , 29 November 2023
Summer Tassel Tote For Picnics

Summer Tassel Tote For Picnics  

Do you like picnics
within the park? This bag will probably be snug and nice for that. You will
want 60 skeins of embroidery floss, embroidery needle, straw market tote and
scissors. For each skein of embroidery floss, it is possible for you to to
make 2 quick tassels. So with 60 skeins, you’re going to get 120 tassels –
this is sufficient to cowl your complete bag. If you wish to simply make the
entrance facet, then 30 skeins needs to be sufficient. Begin by eradicating
the paper sleeves from the skein of embroidery floss. Lower about 16 inches
of floss off the skein and reserve it for later. Lower the skein into two
sections after which minimize every of these sections in half to create a
complete of 4 sections. The remainder of the tutorial is right

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