Thursday , 29 February 2024
Neon Envelope Clutch Ideas

Neon Envelope Clutch Ideas

You should use this
clutch as a bag for small issues or a case on your iPad. Begin with gathering
provides. They’re leather-based or vinyl, Xacto knife, screw again button
stud, thread, stitching machine and spray paint. First minimize out patterns
A and B from given measurements. Spray paint sample B to desired coloration.
Connect button stud on sample A, Four 3/4” from level. Sew a straight sew
alongside sample B. Now place sample A over B. Then sew solely triangle level
of sample A onto rectangle B. Subsequent sew alongside edge. Lower a small
slit utilizing a Xacto knife, on higher flap immediately over the button stud
when folded over. Your clutch is prepared!

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