Outfit Ideas With Striped  Button
  Down Shirts

Outfit Ideas With Striped  Button Down Shirts

A button down shirt
is a piece of clothes that will be perfect with jeans and trousers, skirts
and even dresses. But today I want to focus on printed shirts such as striped
ones. And I’m sure you will love these ideas! First of all, you need to pick
up a type of button down shirts from off the shoulder to sleeveless,
oversized to fitted, etc. Secondly, think about a print, for example, you can
choose among horizontal and vertical striped button down shirts depending on
your wishes and a body shape. And, thirdly, you should decide what a color
combination your shirt will have, and you can choose a classic white and navy
blue and white and black one or try something eye-catching and pick up a
white and red or red and blue one. Now scroll down for more

If you love to create bold and unique outfits, then you need to
take a white and navy blue striped ruffled button down shirt and mix it with
a emerald green wide leg trousers, a black crossbody bag and fur flat shoes.
Or you can choose a striped loose shirt and pair it with a checked oversized
blazer, a printed clutch, sunglasses, cropped jeans and white leather boots.
For a warmer weather you can combine a striped button down shirt with a brown
leather bag, a brown belt, white shorts and red lace up high heels.

Wanna create a relaxed look? Try to repeat a combination with a
white loose mini dress, a striped button down shirt, a blue crossbody bag and
white flats. To make a more feminine outfit you can choose a white and black
striped shirt and mix it with a light blue midi skirt with flowers, a black
belt, a beige bag and black lace up shoes.

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