Wednesday , 29 November 2023
Polka Dot Button Down Shirts 

Polka Dot Button Down Shirts 

A creating outfits
with a polka dot shirt is one of the best ways to look eye-catching and
flirty, so you can boldly make various clothes combination with this item.
But today let’s focus on polka dot button down shirts that are perfect with
almost all pieces of clothes, accessories and shoes and will be good for any
styled outfits from relaxed to official ones. You can choose a shirt with
small dots or big ones and pick up any color combination you want from a
classic black and white to bright red and white or cobalt blue and white
ones. For more ideas you can scroll down and get inspired!

If you want to make a casual styled outfit, then you need jeans,
for sure. So you can take a black button down shirt with white small dots and
combine it with distressed straight jeans and flat shoes. Of course, you can
add some accessories such as a beige hat or a black clutch to this outfit.
One more idea is to mix a red and white loose polka dot button down shirt
with a necklace, distressed cuffed loose jeans, a black leather bag and
leopard shoes, and voila — you will get an eye-catching and stylish look! For
warmer days you can pair brown and white polka dot shorts with a polka dot
shirt, oversized sunglasses, a necklace and a tote bag.

Don’t be afraid to mix various prints in one look, so you can
combine a white and black polka dot shirt with a navy blue and white striped
A-line knee-length skirt, red shoes and a brown leather tote bag. And, of
courses, don’t forget about spring bright colors, for example, you can pair a
white and black loose shirt with a yellow maxi skirt, a belt and high

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