Thursday , 29 February 2024
Feather Trimmed Floppy Hat

Feather Trimmed Floppy Hat  

A floppy hat is a
must have for each fall, however in the event you assume that it’s boring,
let’s enhance your hat and make it extra fashionable! You’ll want floppy hat,
silk or grosgrain ribbon, scissors, cheesy glue and feathers. Minimize a strand
of ribbon lengthy sufficient to wrap across the hat, plus an additional 4
inches. Add a skinny line of glue to at least one finish of the ribbon. Place
a feather onto the glue. Gently press down to ensure the feather lays
completely flat. Add a small quantity of glue on and close to the stem of the
feather. Place one other feather onto the glue. Repeat till the whole size of
ribbon is roofed in feathers. Learn right here the remainder of the

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