Tuesday , 5 December 2023
Winter Brunch Date Outfits 

Winter Brunch Date Outfits 

Holidays are on and
if you are going out on a date soon or you’ve met a person of your dreams and
want to invite him or her out, it’s time to choose a cool date outfit. We’ve
already shared some cool date night looks and today I’d like to show some
brunch date outfits, which are usually more casual and comfy.

Your favorite jeans can be easily styled for a brunch date: put
them on, add an oversized chunky knit sweater and booties, better something
colorful if you are rocking a neutral look, for example, plum-colored or red
sock boots. If you want something more creative, substitute jeans with plaid
pants (plaid is the most popular print right now) or with leather shorts and
tights. Add a coat or a teddy coat and you are done!

A mini skirt – a tweed, denim, suede, leather one is a great idea
for a date, it will show off your legs. Balance it with a chunky knit
oversized sweater and booties. If you want more comfort and warmth, try a
sweater dress instead and add a coat of your choice. Enjoy!

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