Thursday , 29 February 2024
Striped Maxi Skirt Outfits 

Striped Maxi Skirt Outfits 

Are you looking for
fashionable, elegant and chic outfit ideas? Wanna something unique and
eye-catching? Then you should continue to read this article. Today I want to
pay your attention to printed maxi skirts again — striped ones. No doubt this
print is one of the classic ones, but it always look fresh and awesome. First
of all, you should decide what type of skirts you want (a fitted, straight or
A-line one) and what decor details it will have, for example, ruffles, a
fringe or a bow. Secondly, think about a color combination, so you can take a
colorful skirt for summer outfits and a black and white one for fall days.
Now you can look below and get inspired!

If you want something airy and feminine, then take a white ruffled
crop top and combine it with a white high-waisted maxi skirt with blue
horizontal stripes, a blue small clutch, sunglasses and white flat sandals.
Or choose a classic white and black maxi skirt and pair it with a pale pink
loose shirt, a brown leather belt, flats, sunglasses and a black fringe bag.
Striped skirts look gorgeous with denim pieces of clothes, so you can mix a
black and white striped straight skirt with a white top, a denim vest, a
brown leather crossbody bag and platform sandals. Or repeat a look with a
denim shirt, an A-line striped skirt, a tote and a brown belt.

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