Runway-Inspired DIY Braided

Runway-Inspired DIY Braided   Hairstyle

Today I’m sharing
with you such an awesome braid, that would be perfect for everyday wear as
well as for special occasions. It looks like a braided fringe, isn’t it? To
recreate the look you better start with volumized with mousse or spray second
day hair. Create a deep part on your hair and from near the back of your hair
french braid a small section forward. Once you reach the front, start french
braiding your hair down the side, taking sections of hair from the front. As
soon as you reach your ear, stop french braiding and braid the section of
hair all the way down. Pin your braid around your head in the back. Twist the
other side, make the ponytail and braid it and wrap it into a bun. Pin the
bun in place and then separate braid in the front. Mist with finishing spray.

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