Tuesday , 5 December 2023
Neon Marbled Jewelry Tray

Neon Marbled Jewelry Tray  

These jewellery trays
can be so good to your equipment at spring time. So you must make them as
quickly as potential! You will want trays, nail polish, water, giant plastic
container, toothpick, Mod Podge, brush and painter’s tape. Put together your
tray by taping off the perimeters of the underside of your tray with painters
tape. Fill the massive container with room temperature water. Pour the nail
polish within the water. Swirl the polish along with the toothpick. Create a
marble sample. Subsequent, submerge the underside of the tray into the water
over the polish. Begin with one aspect, then slowly immerse the opposite
aspect to keep away from getting air bubbles. As soon as the polish sticks to
the tray, pull out of water. Let dry. Take away tape. Paint the “marbled”
space with Mod Podge to seal within the design. Let dry.

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