Tuesday , 5 December 2023
Macrame Pendant Necklace

Macrame Pendant Necklace  

Macramé is authentic
and cute for any décor and equipment, that’s why right this moment we’re
going to make a macramé necklace. The provides are nylon wire, Jasper nugget
beads. Minimize eight strands that every measure 30 inches lengthy. Take the
ends of the eight strands and tie in a knot. Go away about 1 half of inches
on the finish for fringe. Separate the strings into four teams of two. Tie a
double knot a few 1/four inch down from the primary knot. Tie a double knot
with the remainder of the sections. Take strands #1 and #eight and double
knot collectively. Proceed to knot the strands on the left with those on to
the best, forming a sq.. Head over to gina-michele.com to proceed

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