Tuesday , 5 December 2023
Floral Patchwork Denim Vest

Floral Patchwork Denim Vest  

At first sight this
mission seems to be very tough, but it surely’s not sophisticated in any
respect if you recognize a method how one can create patchwork vest. So let’s
discover out it! You’ll want denim vest, floral cloth scraps, cloth scissors,
thread, straight pins and stitching machine. If in case you have solely
jacket, lower off the sleeves. Then lower the scraps into squares and
rectangles and pin them collectively. Don’t neglect to pin the material with
the “proper” sides going through one another. Now you need to sew them.
Preserve stitching random scraps collectively till you’ve got giant blocks of
cloth. Subsequent diagonally lower via the blocks of cloth. Pair on portion
of 1 block with one other. So long as each edges are straight, it will likely
be simple to stitch collectively. Subsequent steps of the instruction are
right here.

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