Electric Blue Feather Strap

Electric Blue Feather Strap   Heels

These lovely
electrical blue sneakers are tremendous cool and simple to make! ? Then learn
this tutorial from highondiy.com and put together ankle strap heels,
embroidery floss, card inventory paper & pencil, cloth glue &
scissors. Minimize out two rectangular items from the cardboard inventory
paper with size that’s similar because the size of the sandal strap
throughout the sandal and with width that’s 1 cm longer than the width of the
ankle strap. Taking the embroidery floss in two colours, wrap it round line
by line across the rectangular paper. As soon as the entire rectangular piece
of paper is roofed with floss, minimize off the surplus floss. Apply cloth
glue in a straight line alongside the center (length-wise) on one facet of
the wrapped floss. Proceed studying the tutorial
at highondiy.com.

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