Tuesday , 5 December 2023
Double-Sided Spiked Earrings

Double-Sided Spiked Earrings  

Double-sided spiked
earrings are very stylish equipment, so let’s attempt to make them proper
now! You’ll want oven bake clay, earring posts and backs, gold paint pen,
glue and oven. Utilizing a small piece of polymer clay, mildew two studs which
are related in measurement. Then insert an earring put up into an earring
again and push them into the bottom of a stud in order that it the earring
again is stage with the clay and the put up is barely protruding from the
bottom of the stud. Making this creates a gap for the put up that ensures
that it is possible for you to to placed on and take away the earrings with
ease. Subsequent steps of the instruction are right

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