Dolce &

Dolce &   Gabbana-Inspired Earrings  

We regularly get
impressed by well-known designers’ works. Immediately we provide to make
these colourful earrings impressed by Dolce&Gabbana. For this craft
you’ll need beads, crystals, gold filigree earrings, embroidery threads with
numerous colours, scissors, glue and pliers. For making tassels wrap the
embroidery thread round your hand till it’s half the specified thickness.
Utilizing a separate size of thread, tie a knot across the bundled thread.
Utilizing a pair of scissors reduce the bundled loop in half on the base.
Loop the separate size of thread across the bundle. Tie a double or triple
knot and trim the ends of the tassel. Then you definitely’ll want to connect
beads and crystals to the gold filigree earrings and depart to dry. Connect
tassels to earrings. Voila!

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