Thursday , 29 February 2024
DIY Tassel Sandals Ideas

DIY Tassel Sandals Ideas

Wanna be elegant from
head to toe? Search for cool equipment and footwear! For these footwear
you’ll want a pair of sandals with detachable ankle straps, 6 yards of
twisted silk twine or braided suede, four massive black tassels, four barrel
twine ends, four leap rings, four skinny gold cash, glue and pliers. Wrap the
ends of the silk twine with scotch tape. Fold the 6 yard size in half, wrap a
chunk of tape across the center, minimize. Take away the straps from the
footwear. Thread the silk twine by means of the open loops. Slip your foot
into the shoe and wrap the twine across the ankles. The remainder of the
tutorial is right here.

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