Boho Chic Brass Fringe

Boho Chic Brass Fringe   Earrings

These earrings are an
easy-to-make accent and so they’ll add freshness and stylish to your look.
You’ll want 2 1.25¨ brass discs, 2 20mm gold crammed hoops, four 4mm gold
crammed soar rings, 1 large eye threading needle, steel gap punch, steel shears,
embroidery floss, emery board and sharpie or everlasting marker. Begin by
taking a pair of steel shears and slicing off a piece of the brass disc.
After slicing each items right down to the identical dimension, file down the
reduce edges with an emery board. With a Sharpie or everlasting marker, mark
2 dots at every nook of the reduce edge. Then, make a collection of evenly
spaced dots across the backside of the round disc. Subsequent steps of the
tutorial are right here.

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