Sunday , 3 March 2024
Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts 

Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts 

Bobs of all kinds are
a trend right now but as everybody’s wearing them, it’s hard to stand out.
Don’t worry, I have an idea for you – go for a textural bob hairstyle and try
asymmetry. Asymmetrical bobs are cool, they are sure to make you look more
modern and fresh, and there are two kinds of such haircuts: with a longer and
shorter side and with an angle. Let’s take a look at both

An angled bob haircut is a bold geometric idea, which looks great
on sleek straight hair – otherwise it may be hard to see the angle. You may
also add some texture or even waves to your bob but remeber that the angle
won’t be so clearly seen this way. One of the best options to make your
angled bob even bolder is ombre.

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